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SHOWMERENTS is a Preferred Dealer for Jenkins  Heavy Duty Skid Steer & Tractor Loader Attachments and Implements

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Jenkins iron and steel dealer Show Me Rents

* ShowMeRents is proud to offer Jenkins Iron & Steel Implements and Attachments.

Jenkin’s promise is to build the most durable and affordable attachments while delivering professional, knowledgeable, and exceptional customer service that only a family run manufacturer can provide.

* We are now also a Montana Dealer.

Implements and Attachments
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Post Driver Rental Show Me Rents Power Equipment Rental MO

Montana Post Driver/Pounder



Working pressure of 2200 PSI delivering 400-800 blows per minute. Skid steer requiring  lifting-capacity of 2500 pounds. Chain pulls out posts as well.

84″ High Dump Bucket-$3,850

The High Dump Bucket is ideal for any job requires additional dumping height. From loading dump trucks to feed mixers or simply for a more controlled dump of any materials, this bucket is a major time saver.

35″ bucket depth, 42″ overall depth. 31″ high/1,100 lbs.

Toothed Bucket Rental Show Me Rents Power Equipment Rental MO

   Low Profile Tooth Buckets


84″- $2,100

Heavy duty bucket that can be used for grading, digging, or back dragging material. 

skidsteer skeleton bucket Show Me Rents Equipment Rental MO

Skeleton Rock Bucket



The Skeleton Rock Bucket is designed to quickly pick up rocks without taking dirt with it.

Skeleton Grapple Sales Show Me Rents

84″ Skeleton Grapple


The Skeleton Rock and Brush Grapple is a very versatile attachment! The serrated cutting edge in front is ideal for back dragging, raking, wedging small trees and even land leveling.  With bolt-on side plates, they also can be used for a variety of applications including scrap metal, firewood, logs, brush piling and rocks. 

84″ Debris Grapple


The Jenkins Iron & Steel Debris Grapple is constructed using ½” material with 6″ spacing between the tines both a 37” opening which allows dirt and small debris to fall though while holding onto larger loads. The ½” serrated cutting edge provides additional strength and prevents the tines from bending. The Debris Grapple makes it easy to grab and move material. 

The Debris Grapple also features bolt on removable side plates, and like all Jenkins Iron & Steel grapples they come standard with hoses, cylinders, flat face couplers, and cylinder covers; everything you need to hook up and go!

 78″ 4-in-1 Bucket with Teeth- $4,300

This 4 in 1 combo bucket can be used for digging, grading, and a host of other applications.  This is the biggest and heaviest combo bucket on the market. 

With teeth, it weighs 1,430 lbs.  Depth: 34″; Bucket Height”: 25″; Overall Height: 38″.

Smooth Bucket Rental Show Me Rents Power Equipment Rental MO

78″ Smooth and Dirt Buckets-$1,550

84″ Dirt Bucket- $1,600

Pallet Fork Rental Show Me Rents Power Equipment Rental MO

 4′ Pallet Forks


Heavy duty, walk-through carriage, designed to allow the skid steer door to swing over the top of the attachment. 5500 lb capacity.

Rent an Auger from Show Me Rents Power Equipment Rental MO

Earth Auger Driver


  • 9″ Auger bit- $342
  • 12″ Auger bit- $396

Heavy duty, commercial grade frame that has a planetary gearbox direct drive system, capable of standing up to years of abuse. Self-centering and offers a variety of bit options.


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