Rental Policy

Please read and accept our policy as outlined below. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have prior to rental:

Missouri Driver’s License and a major credit card. Out-of-state and cash rentals accepted with security deposit.

All rental fees are due in advance. Additional deposits are required on some items. We accept all major credit cards and company checks. Commercial Accounts are available. If you are interested in opening a commercial account, download an application HERE.

We gladly accept reservations over the phone or you’re welcome to stop by the store. We encourage our customers to take advantage of this service so we can make sure we have what you want when you need it. Please stop by or give us a call at 417.777.0000

The rental period begins at the time the equipment is rented and continues until the equipment is returned to us and the customer gets their receipt. This includes Saturdays, Sundays, & Holidays. In the event of mechanical failure, please contact us immediately so we can make any necessary time adjustments as well as get your unit fixed or replaced.


Hourly 4 Hour Minimum (available on most equipment) Equipment has to be returned within 4 hours.  Overnight from 2pm to 8am is considered 16 hours and will be considered a day rate.
Daily 24 Hours (Saturday rentals are due back on Monday by 8AM)
Weekly 7 Consecutive Days
Monthly 28 Consecutive Days (4 weeks)

Delivery & Pickup are available. Our delivery rate is $3.00 a loaded mile with a 50 dollar minimum.

We make every effort to ensure our equipment is clean at the time of rental. Some equipment can incur permanent damage if not cleaned properly immediately after use. Cleaning charges will be applied for the removal of concrete, mortar or asphalt. Sewer cleaning equipment, tillers, and aerators should be rinsed thoroughly and excess debris removed before you return them.  We require the equipment to be cleaned and rent ready or charges up to $60 per hour will be incurred.

Damage Waiver Coverage is a service we offer all our customers. The fee for this coverage is 10% of the “Rental Fee”. This fee will cover any accidental damage up to 10x the damage waiver cost that may occur while the equipment is being rented. Damage Waiver does not cover misuse, abuse, flat tires, vandalism, gross negligence or theft. You may decline damage waiver, but a security deposit will be required.

Once the equipment leaves our yard, the customer is completely responsible for it until they return it to us and get their receipt. Our insurance does not cover equipment while it is in the customer’s possession. Contact your insurance agent for coverage. In the case of loss of the equipment, the customer will be billed for the list price of the lost item plus rental incurred until time of settlement. The customer must provide us with a copy of the police report on any stolen equipment.

All equipment is rented with a full tank of fuel. A $120 fuel fee may be charged but is refundable if the machine is returned full of fuel.

Many of our larger items are equipped with an hour meter. For these pieces of equipment, rental rates are based on 8 hours of use per day. Additional charges apply for use in excess of 8 hrs/day, 40 hrs/wk, or 160 hrs/month.

All rates are based on equipment being used a standard 8 hour day shift. Companies using equipment on double & triple shifts will be charged at 1-1/2 & 2 times the regular rate respectively.